Monday, November 08, 2004

All-American Team

Chris Paul, Wake Forest: The best point guard in the country is on a solid team, as well. I'm not sure why he didn't test the NBA draft last year. He's 19, and he's not getting any younger, so don't count on him being around after this year.

Julius Hodge, N.C. State: And you didn't think it was possible to be a senior and be on the All-American team. Hodge ensures that many people will be proudly making that ridiculous Wolfpack hand gesture for yet another season.

Francisco Garcia, Louisville: An influx of talent around Garcia makes him even more unstoppable, so he gets the nod as the token All-American from a second-rate conference.

Ryan Gomes, Providence: What? There are two seniors good enough to be All-American? Gomes averaged a double-double last year, and when you're 6'7", pulling down rebounds takes some work. Survival in the Big East will be tough on a less-than-stellar team, but Gomes should remain solid.

Sean May, North Carolina: His backcourt mates Raymodn Felton and Rashad McCants get more pub, but May is also one hell of a player. I might be a little over-zealous in my love of May, since I find nimble guys who are built like NFL linemen particularly fun to watch, but May should make a believer out of many this year.


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