Friday, December 17, 2004


As mentioned yesterday, no basketball viewing took place last night, since it was my bowling night. In a shameful display, I managed to bowl a 72 for my final game of the night. I don't think I've done that since I was 6 years old, and I'm not sure how it happened last night. Anyway, a few notes on basketball, mostly looking forward to the weekend:

1) The death of Bo Agee was reported to me by a friend this morning. Agee, as some of you may recall, was Arthur Agee's cocaine-addicted father in Hoop Dreams, and was one of the more compelling (and sad) figures in the film. Apparently he had gotten his life together since then, though, and was doing well before being murdered yesterday. Sad story.

2) High school ball tonight with my buddy Kevin. We need to discuss where to go, but given a lack of compelling games in Milwaukee tonight, it could be an individual player-driven choice. I've got it narrowed down to two or three that I'd like to see, so I'll see what Kevin's thinking.

3) Marquette-Arizona tomorrow at the Bradley Center. I still need to decide whether to go or not. It could be a good time downtown, but it could also be good on ESPN2 while I fold laundry. Either way, I win. I'd like to see Marquette keep up their enthusiasm and take down an Arizona team that, despite a wealth of talent, isn't beating up on people like I expected. I know it was only one game, but Arizona's defense against Michigan looked wretched to me, and Travis Diener should be able to penetrate on the Wildcats because they don't close gaps well. If this allows for some kick outs to Steve Novak, then look out. I still like Arizona by 8 points or so, but if you'd asked me a week ago about this game, I wouldn't have given the Golden Eagles a chance. Let's hope their game against Wisconsin wasn't an aberration.

4) A trip back to my youth is planned for Saturday evening, as I go to see the alma mater, Tosa East, take on cross-town rivals Tosa West, for what was always a fun rivalry. My JV career was largely defined by our games against Tosa West, from the apology letter I received from their coach following an apparently fierce helcking (I never really noticed) from fans with regard to my tight uniform, to my season high 10 points in the bizarro week that I led the team in scoring. I think I was able to do this only because I was generally the only one not shaking with rage prior to rivalry games. I never actually understood what all the anger was about, since the guys that played for Tosa West when I was in school were phenomenally nice guys.

Anyway, enough comments on 10 year old games involving players who couldn't make the varsity. I don't think my school's been on the losing end of this one since the 1980's. Maybe I'll go to the library and research that point on Sunday. Enrollment's evened out a bit, though, and dropping a game is no longer as improbable as it once was, so this one could be a contest. Probably not, but it's not a given like it was back when I was a teen. Should still be a packed gym.

Enjoy your weekend of basketball. I know I will enjoy mine.


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