Sunday, March 06, 2005

Abridged Verison

It's the end of a great day of hoops, and I just got home. I need sleep so that I'm alert for North Carolina-Duke tomorrow, but here's a few quick thoughts on a day in which I saw two high school games, and caught some college hoops on TV:

1) As usual, Wauwatosa East-Milwaukee King was a war, and this time Tosa East came out on top. Take anything that I say in my weekend roundup about this game with a grain of salt, since at tonight's game I was an unmitigated Tosa East homer. Never let it be said that I fail to recognize it when my lack of objectivity is glaring.

2) Milwaukee King and Wauwatosa East are both good, but I don't think either is quite at the level of the Milwaukee Vincent team that I saw today, which makes it incredibly perplexing to me that King beat Vincent two weeks ago. I might need to cue that one up this week on the digital cable and figue out how the heck that happened. In the meantime, I know it's uncreative, but Vincent's my pick to win the division one title, as the team I saw in my early game of the day was among the best that I've seen in high school in the last few years. Admittedly, however I've seen none of the several undefeated teams from outside of Milwaukee (and Oshkosh West is #1), though, so it could be an interesting state tournament. I know I'll be entertained.

3) Milwaukee Tech lost? Milwaukee Tech lost? What? I can't wait to see how this could have happened. I had them penciled into the Sectional 8 finals. It's a good thing I don't use pen.

4) Oklahoma State, why must you let me down? You got an incredible gift from Texas with .3 seconds left, yet you couldn't finish. It's okay, though--take some time to regroup, and hopefully I'll see you in the Final Four.

5) UWM vs. Detroit for the Horizon League on Tuesday. I'll be there drinking alcoholic smoothies. Will you? (And damn you, UW-Green Bay, for not setting up the all-Wisconsin final that I wanted!)

6) Congrats to UW-Stevens Point on their defeat of Lawrence in the D-3 tournament earlier tonight. If there hadn't been so much good basketball in Milwaukee today, I would imagine that I would have created a poorly conceived of plan to get to Stevens Point for the game. It's about the only thing that I wanted to see today, but didn't.


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