Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More to follow...

In anticipation of and upcoming weekend of Wisconsin teams in action, I’m working on a few special things, so I don’t have time to come up with much to say. However, in the interest of consistency, here are two more thoughts from the past weekend:

1) Did anyone actually watch "Spring Break Shark Attack" on CBS? I haven’t seen a promo rammed down my throat since Fox was promoting "Skin" a few years back. Incredibly, "Spring Break Shark Attack," a one-time movie, lasted almost as long as "Skin." And I probably don’t need to even say this, but who thought this would be a good plot for a movie?

2) I forgot to mention one of my favorite down-time activities that came up while I was watching high school games at the state tournament. At halftime of most games, of course, most schools had a dance team that would come out to perform. I usually never really watch the dance teams, but at the state tournament, it’s kind of interesting. You see, while each school has proved that it has an excellent basketball team in order to get to the tournament, the dance team just sort of tags along, and as a result, there’s a great range of skill levels. Thus, my friends and I began watching closely, and estimating which squads were performing routines that we could likely complete if we took the time to learn them. There were one or two that I think we could have managed. If we had the option of removing just one move, I think that number would go way up. Sure, some schools would have blown us away, but beyond those elite teams, I think we would hold our own. And I’m sure we’d pick a better song than "Uptown Girl" to perform to.

If you need more stimulation than I could provide today, hop over to the Mid-Majority, which has been re-worked this week to be the "UWM-Majority," since the Panthers are that one special team that’s left. A big congrats to the site’s proprietor who completed his goal of attending 100 games in one season. That’s way more than I managed, and I’m pretty impressed that that’s even possible. Let’s hope he’s back in some form next season, though his season’s end message, which is even more artful than usual, leaves his return far from certain.


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