Friday, December 02, 2005

Four Quick Thoughts

As I expected yesterday, I didn’t really get the chance to watch any basketball last night. However, I do have a few random items to note:

1) Something that I never though possible is occurring, as the second season of The White Shadow is being brought to DVD! I’m still trying to overcome my shock that season one is on DVD, and hoping that whoever has the direct pipeline to my brain is seeing some of the other products that I want released in coming years. At the end of the day, though, the fact remains that two of the three seasons of one of the greatest television shows ever will be digitally preserved for the masses. And I’ll no longer have to go to my VHS tape library in order to see the look on Jackson’s face when he finds out that his girlfriend has become a prostitute.

2) If you’re looking for something to read, in absence of commentary by me, check out this recent Joe Sports Fan column. Joe Sports Fan’s Head, a collection of random thoughts, is typically the strongest column on the site, and this most recent version gave me a few chuckles.

3) If you’ve got some time to spare, check out the inaugural Mid-Majority Report podcast (scroll down to the bottom to find it), which is phenomenal. Kyle Whelliston sets the bar high with this initial podcast, interviewing Yoni Cohen, the godfather of basketball blogging, and Chris Dortch, editor of the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook. Could there be two more interesting guests to hear if you’re a basketball nerd? I downloaded it yesterday night, listened to it on my iPod before going to bed, and was thoroughly entertained and educated. And I’m not just saying that because I was referenced in a positive manner during the Dortch interview (though admittedly, that was a pleasant surprise, given the respect that I have for the interviewer and the subject).

4) As for the reference in the Dortch interview, I’d like to clarify something. Mr. Dortch notes the high praise which I give to his publication, after a moment where he talks about how readily people were willing to heap praise on his book in exchange for a free book or two. Just to be clear, my comments (which you can find here) were made prior to any contact from Mr. Dortch, and I actually did spend my hard earned money on a personal copy of the Blue Ribbon College Yearbook. I say this not as a self-righteous proclamation of my integrity (indeed, when offered the complimentary book, I did have it sent to a friend), but as an indication of just how great the book is. While I’m certainly not above promoting something in exchange for freebies, with regard to the Blue Ribbon that simply wasn’t the situation. It’s just a damn fine book, and I like saying so.

So that's my low-content update today. But fear not--there's lots of hoops to be watched this weekend. Unfortunately, there are lots of Saturday games that conflict with one another, so it’s anyone’s guess what I’ll end up seeing, but whatever it is, it's sure to be good.


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