Friday, January 13, 2006

Nothing For You Today

I've got no update for you today, since I didn't catch a game last night. I didn't arrive at my home until 9pm, following an early evening commitment, and I really wanted to finish the book (that's completely unrelated to basketball) that I've been reading. So the bad news is that I have nothing to talk about today, but the good news is that because I typically read no more than two books per calendar year (barring those times when I'm travelling, and I can plow through three in a weekend), expansion of my mind will now officially take a backseat to watching basketball.

If you're really dying for something entertaining to read, check out this game report over at the Mid-Majority, that focuses not on the game itself, but rather, some really bad pizza in the media room. Let's face it, sometimes you need to look outside of the game itself for the real story, and Kyle Whelliston nails it here. The piece has been around for awhile, but in the off chance you haven't seen it, it's required reading. Hopefully you'll start chuckling as quickly as I did, but if you don't, don't worry--it just means that you don't have much of a sense of humor.

I'll be back after a weekend that features games with interesting sub-plots for every team that I follow closely. And yes, my allegiance will be torn while I'm watching Marquette play against Kevin Pittsnogle's team.


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