Monday, May 08, 2006

Check This Out

Not much to say today, other than I hope everyone is enjoying the offseason as much as I am (and indeed, I am enjoying having actual free time these days). But I've come upon a pair of links over the past few weeks that simply must be shared.

First, a few weeks back I received an email from a gentleman who does a pop culture podcast, and had just had the opportunity to interview Timothy Van Patten. You may know Mr. Van Patten better as "Salami" from The White Shadow (he's also directed his fair share of episodes of The Sopranos, but hey, he'll always be Salami to me) . So if you're like me, and you're always interested in getting a few more insider tidbits about The White Shadow, check out the podcast. It will be worth your time.

Second, thanks to my friend T.J. for alerting me to this gem of a video. I have no idea why this footage still exists, but it's basically a bunch of clips of Bobby Knight shooting an instructional golf video. The golf video itself would probably be cheesy enough to be fun (it looks to have been shot almost 20 years ago), but the real entertainment comes from listening to Knight's chatter after each take. I think the guy drops the F-bomb more in this short video than I do in a typical month. Just trust me--you're going to enjoy this one.

Enjoy the links. And I'll see you the next time the feeling moves me.

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