Friday, January 11, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

No thoughts to share today, despite a great night of basketball. While I would have liked to have compiled some notes on the Wisconsin-Illinois game, there was no time to write them up with Washington State was playing USC in the late game. Nice to see my adopted west-coast team on a roll. Just as it was nice to hear about (nope, I don't get them on TV, due to their cable deal) UWM running off it's sixth straight win after roughly the worst two-week stretch a program that didn't have anyone arrested for murder has ever had.

Enjoy the weekend--I'm off to rest my vocal chords so that I can loudly boo Notre Dame's Luke Harangody tomorrow afternoon. I actually really like the guy's game (I have a soft spot for bulky big men), but I suspect that he's not going to be the most popular man in the Bradley Center tomorrow.

And I suppose it has to be said--St. Louis is bankrupt on O-ffense.


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