Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Arizona State-Northwestern

Last night, I had hoped to watch the Arizona State-Northwestern game, where I planned to get my first look at Mike Thompson in a Northwestern uniform, and my first lengthy look at Ike Diogu. I got a bit of a look at the second half, but I was thrown off track upon stopping at my parents house to pick up something (oddly, something basketball related). My mother was having a computer problem, and needed me to look into it. An hour and a half later, I hadn’t yet solved the problem, I had missed the first half of the game, and I’m pretty sure I erased every photo of the first two year’s of my niece’s life from my mother’s computer. You see, I don't actually know that much about computers. Anyway, based on what I did see, here are my few thoughts:

1) I still absolutely love Vedran Vukusic of Northwestern. Mike Thompson might be from Duke, but Vukusic is still the man on this team.

2) ASU was an embarrassment as far as attendance goes. There was no one in the upper deck of their arena, and the lower deck was far from full. I called my friend Peter, an ASU alum, to complain about this, and he said that it’s pretty much the norm, which still astounds me. I visited ASU once, and on my drive through campus, I managed to come upon an area with something like 5 gigantic athletic facilities. As I continued on my drive, I think I only saw one academic building the entire time. So yeah, I probably should have gone to school there.

3) Ike Diogu had an off night statistically, but he sure looked good when I saw him. Of course, when I saw him, the game was essentially over and there were about 6 minutes to go, but he definitely showed me enough to warrant me trying to find another ASU game to watch.

4) After work yesterday, I told my dad that I was excited to watch the Northwestern-Arizona State game, to which he replied “You’re going to Evanston tonight!” No Dad, I’m not going on a 4-hour round trip on a Monday to see two unranked basketball teams play. Besides, the game was an away game for Northwestern. I guess he’s beginning to recognize the joy I take in watching games, but I would hope that he knows that even I’m not that fanatical. Geez.


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