Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Action Packed!

Wow, last night was full of thrills, as I took in the Ripon-Carroll game at Carroll College, watched the Wisconsin-Ohio State game on television, and had a friend/correspondent update me on the play of Hartland Arrowhead sophomore Charlie Chapman. With this much basketball, I didn't get much time to write last night, and contrary to popular belief, I actually do have a job and like to sleep occasionally, so due to my viewing ending at 11pm last night, I can't give a comprehensive update on the evening until later. Until I can get to doing a complete write-up this evening, though, I will give one quick thought on each game:

1) Mike Wilkinson is, in fact, a god.

2) Ripon lost to Carroll last night, pretty much ensuring a drop from their #11 national ranking. Ripon definitely had more talent, but also had some frightening interior defense problems. Then again, most of its talent was at the guard spots, so I suppose that's not too shocking.

3) Correspondent Kosta's take on Hartland Arrowhead sophomore Charlie Chapman: Not that impressive, and scored a number of his points in garbage time. I'll still wait to pass judgement until I see him personally, but Kosta's input is always a valuable starting point.

Back tonight, if I can get my oil changed in a timely manner.


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