Thursday, January 20, 2005


Due to a series of errors on my part last night, there will be no update today (though since most of today's originally anticipated update is already written, there should be a bonus weekend update). I will simply leave you with 2 thoughts in anticipation of tonight's Marquette-DePaul showdown:

1) If I was DePaul's Quemont Greer, I think I'd want my nickname to be "Q-School." I'm not sure why, since I doubt Greer golfs, but I still think it would be a kick-ass nickname.

2) I think I'm rooting for Marquette tonight, but I'm not sure, since DePaul seems to be hoarding Wisconsin players. Between the aforementioned Greer (Milwaukee Vincent), Drake Diener (Fond du Lac) and Draelon Burns (Milwaukee Custer), it's tougher than usual to hate a team from Illinois.


At 11:23 PM, Blogger Timothy said...

what a FUGLY game tonight. ugh


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