Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Battle of the Homers!!!

First thing's first, significant thoughts of mine today can be found over at the Big Ten Wonk, where I chatted with the Wonk himself regarding UWM, since I've been following the Panthers since exhibition season, and they've got a shot at the Big Ten's best team this weekend. From chatting with many of you who stop by here, I know that most don't need a motive to check the Wonk site out, but in case you're not aware of how comprehensive the coverage is, I'm telling you now. Stop by and you'll be amazed.

Aside from that, in all of the March Madness hoopla, I’ve managed to weigh in with my thoughts on UWM’s Cinderella run to the Sweet Sixteen (see above link). I’ve managed to detail the end of Marquette’s season and the concerns that I have over the future of the Golden Eagles. I’ve talked about the state high school tournament ad nauseum. However, it has been quite some time since I’ve given any love to the Wisconsin Badgers, the team closest to my heart. That’s all about to change, though, as Friday night’s N.C. State-Wisconsin matchup, though boring to most of the nation is about to get more interesting.

You see, one of my closest friends from my years as a student in Madison went on to get his masters degree at N.C. State. This friend also happens to be one of my more avid readers, and one of my favorite people to watch games with (indeed, he was the driving force behind us attending those 8 high school games this past weekend). In anticipation of the big game, and hopes of learning more about the Wolfpack, I contacted this friend about doing a point-counter point regarding the teams for this forum. He, however, noted that his allegiance was split, I tend to try to be too objective, and this exercise would likely just end with us agreeing on lots of stuff. That’s no fun. Luckily, he had a brilliant alternate suggestion. We could get our more passionate friends involved. He knew a severe Wolfpack fanatic from his days at N.C. State. We both knew of one friend who takes his Badger fandom to another level. Neither is they type to concede that any other team is better than the one from his school. After the willingness of these two men to participate was confirmed, a brand new event was born:

The 2005 March Madness Battle of the Homers!

Four questions for each participant. Each participant gets a paragraph to answer, but is allowed significant leeway if he is feeling particularly passionate about the topic at hand. Neither gets to see his opponent’s response until it is displayed here. This is primarily an exercise in finding out more about each squad, but if you feel that one party should be declared the winner, I'm willing to hear opinions. Look for it sometime before Friday's game. In the meantime, sit tight as the boys work on defending their teams. I can feel the anticipation...


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