Thursday, August 25, 2005

Huggins Commentary

Well, as everyone knows, Bob Huggins is out at Cincinnati. Everyone knows that I'm not a fan of the guy, so I'll refrain from rambling on about what I think. However after checking out Yocohoops yesterday, I feel I would be derelict if I did not point you to the op-ed on the situation which Nick Lachey, former boy band member and rabid Cincinnati fan, penned for the Cincinnati Enquirer. As with last time Mr. Lachey wrote an opinion piece for the Enquirer, I will keep my comments on the piece to a minimum for two reasons: 1) I might ruin the comedic effect for you if I tried to pick his arguments apart, and 2) like I always say, when you try to match wits with Nick Lachey, no one wins.

Of course, I can't help but point out that it's pretty tough to write a valid defense of Bob Huggins if one totally fails to address the common assertion that Huggins' teams' low graduation rates and high contact rates with law enforcement figures have made him ripe for firing for years. Kudos to Lachey for giving this approach a try, though.

And kudos to whoever at the Cincinnati Enquirer is giving this guy space in the paper.


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