Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm Tired

This week basketball watching has replaced much of my sleep, I'm going to have to delay my game notes on Wisconsin vs. UW-Green Bay that I attended this evening, in favor of actually trying to get a few extra winks tonight.

In the meantime, I did a cursory check of college hoops topics that are of interest to me, finding first that Marquette had won, and a second fact that was a little less exciting than that. I've been monitoring the Mike Thompson situation at Northwestern, partly because I was hoping to make another drive down to Evanston to see him play when he re-entered the line-up, and partly because of the comments that I made after seeing Northwestern vs. Florida Atlantic that something bigger than a simple illness was going on. Unfortunately, my reading tonight revealed that Thompson has a heart problem that's been keeping him off the floor, and is no longer part of the Northwestern basketball team. I had expected at the time that the "something bigger" was probably some small-time personality conflict with coach Bill Carmody, or a minor disciplinary move that it wouldn't make sense to air publicly. I only wish it was that, now.

Best of luck to Mr. Thompson with his health issues, and apologies for any of my speculation that may have reflected negatively on him. And as usual, much praise to Bill Carmody, who did an excellent job of respecting a player's privacy when it must have been hard to do so.


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