Friday, January 20, 2006

Slacking Again...

As per usual on Thursday nights, my bowling schedule, and the NCAA's schedule were not well aligned, and I took a night off from watching basketball. For some reason, Arizona vs. Stanford was the only late Pac-10 game that I had last night, which was upsetting, because I usually have three to choose from when I get home on Thursdays. I did watch the overtime period of that one, but faded pretty quickly (much like Stanford did...), as a nasty cold is attacking my immune system and wearing me down. On the upside, I did take the time to cobble together some random AV equipment from my back room (the stuff that normally only gets trotted out for my annual four TV March Madness extravaganza) and finally took the first step in transferring my old basketball video tapes to DVD. It's a goal that I've had for over two years, but never quite figured out how to implement. Now that I've got a stand-alone set-up in place, it shouldn't be too much longer until I can toss out my big box of tapes that's eating up space in the closet. As it stands, I've already got one box that will become obsolete in March with the forthcoming release of season two of The White Shadow. I may have to get a smaller place by the time all is said and done.

Back on Monday with more thoughts. I know it's been a light week of going to games for me, but I'm pretty sure that I'll make it to at least two games in person this weekend (anyone up for Marquette-Notre Dame tonight?). So things should get right back to normal pretty fast.


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