Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wait Until Tomorrow

The bad news is, I'm not updating today. The good news is, I'm doubling up tomorrow. You see, last night I saw my first Milwaukee City Conference game of the year, as Wisconsin's top-ranked team, Milwaukee King, played at Milwaukee Juneau. Given that my first City Conference game coincided with a huge brawl oustide another City Conference game at Vincent (the third in a series of violent incidents at City Conference), I'd like to take some time to consider what to discuss with regard to my limited experiences at City Conference games, rather than just give you some lame game update. That's not something that I could pump out after watching a recorded Michigan State-Iowa game, though. So tomorrow, you'll get those thoughts, as well as some notes on King (yes, they're the best team that I've seen this year) and of course, notes from tonight's division three showdown.


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