Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Housekeeping Notes, and the High School Tourney

The Wisconsin state high school tournament kicked off last evening with the opening round of regionals. Due to tournament seeding, there were a lack of compelling match-ups, so I ended up just going to the Marquette High vs. Wauwatosa West game since it had a couple of teams of interest to me, was close to home and I had a friend who was already going. I’ve got no game notes today, though, since I went out with a couple of friends after the game, and that ate up my recapping time. Consider this me resting up for the home-stretch now that March is upon us. I should be back tomorrow with some Marquette game notes, though.

Oh, before I go, though, some thanks to the Gonzaga fans who left me notes on my game comments from yesterday. I’m glad to know that J.P. Batista’s brother did eventually make it to the arena for the post-game celebration (even if I missed seeing it live), and it was nice to see the video of the moment where he came up to J.P. from behind. Given how cool the moment was (apparently the Batista brothers hadn’t seen one another in 4 years), I can understand why the announcers were hyping it up. If others would like to see the video, they can check it out here. And while you’re at it, why don’t you take a glance at the Gonzaga blog that first directed me to the footage?

Also, be sure to check out a slew of new links off to the side. I’m still in need of a massive reorganization of classifications, but at least the new links are up there. I’m sort of embarrassed at how slow I was at adding some really good sites to the side of my page, so maybe some of my shame can subside at least a little bit. So, enjoy the new links.


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