Thursday, December 21, 2006

Washington vs. LSU: Just Trying to Stay Awake

Last night presented a few options for televised games, and I found myself most intrigued by the Washington-LSU game. The factors drawing me to this game were numerous: Washington’s good and I don’t know much about them, Lorenzo Romar’s a really cool looking guy, I wanted to see how former Marquette player Dameon Mason is doing since transferring to LSU, and it’s always fun to watch a guy as big as Glen Davis (even in his new, trimmed-down body) run up and down the floor. The only downside to the game was that it was a west coast game being shown at a late hour. Thus, I ran into two problems. One, if a game ends at midnight, you can bet that I’m going to have no time to do any comprehensive writing about it for the next day. I value sleep too much for that. Second, it being a busy week and all, I was ready to fall asleep about anytime after 9pm. I toughed it out as long as I could before losing consciousness, though, and here’s the only brief observations that I can muster for today:

1) Not a lot of PT for Dameon Mason, but the one lasting memory that I had before falling asleep was seeing him drive out of control down the lane. Yep, I guess some things never totally change.

2) I’m only speculating on this one, but Washington’s arena looks like an awful place to watch a game.

3) Ryan Appleby’s not fooling anyone with his youthful mop of hair flying all around. We know that you’re balding pretty badly under there, Ryan, and will probably be shaving your head by the time that you’re taking your office ID photo when you’re out of school in 2 years.

4) I rather enjoyed watching Spencer Hawes trash talk last night, though the anger on his face while doing it was kind of scary. When you’re shooting like Hawes was last night, though, I think you earn the right to trash talk.

5) While it never materialized, had LSU come back a bit more, this game had the potential to turn into a thriller like Michigan State and Gonzaga’s early season meeting last year. You know–the one where either team would come down the court and basically score at will? Yeah, I appreciate defense, but I’m still a huge sucker for totally unchecked scoring.

So that’s all I’ve got for today. Not too bad for a guy that was drifting in and out of consciousness, though. I’m taking off of hoops tonight due to some other plans that I have, but I should be back one more time in the next few days before going on an extended holiday hiatus.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Pondering American said...

On the whole kinda of a fun game to watch even though my Tigers lost.

There were times that I thought if LSU could get it into single digits then it would be a race. Everytime that was about happened something would occur. I hate to say it but Braidy's technical near the ned I think snuffed out our last chance


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