Friday, January 25, 2008

A Shell of My Former Self

Wow, do I ever suck. I missed last night’s UWM-Youngstown State game, which I had tickets to, for another commitment. Then, when I made it home all excited to see the Oregon-UCLA game (a friend of mine is a huge Oregon fan, and I’ve been painfully derelict in watching UCLA this year), I managed to fall asleep in the middle of the second half while the game was nearly tied. I guess I’m officially a crusty old man. Before I did fall asleep, though, I managed to catch one of the more entertaining things I’ve seen all year during the first half of the game:

At various times during the game last night, the Oregon student section would begin chanting at UCLA star and Oregon native Kevin Love, “Love’s a pussy!” (I don’t even want to know what Google’s going to start sending my way now that such a phrase is on the blog...) Immediately following the first instance of this chant, Love scored the Bruins’ next 7 points, including a three-pointer from the big man, and a pretty putback layup, before capping off his run by taking a charge. The message is clear–don’t piss off Kevin Love. (Oregon students evidently didn’t get this message, as they continued the chant later in the game, and Love ended up with 26 points and 18 rebounds)

I’m booked up for the next two nights with basketball-related things, and I’ve got a relatively free Saturday afternoon, so I should have a plethora thoughts for Monday. Enjoy what looks to be a solid hoops weekend!


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