Monday, December 08, 2008

...And I Give Another Excuse For My Incompetence

No Marquette-Wisconsin thoughts today. No, it’s not because I’m bitter that Wisconsin lost. Of course, I’d have rather seen Wisconsin steal a road win from Marquette, but even I have to concede that it’s entertaining to watch a team with only two semi-competent healthy players over 6'7" (yes, I recognize that Dwight Burke inexplicably goes from “semi-competent” to “stellar” anytime he faces Wisconsin) grab offensive rebounds like Marquette did.

The real reason that I have no update today is that I fell asleep on my couch around 9pm last night. Typically I finish off my weekend by jotting down my basketball thoughts, and when I pass out while watching TV, nothing gets written. While this end to my weekend does leave me somewhat frightened that I’m becoming my father, I undoubtedly did need the sleep, following an extra-long week. So I can’t say I’m too upset with myself.

So fear not–I’ll have some final thoughts on the game tomorrow, when no one will care anymore. And I promise to start sleeping more during the week so that this never happens again.


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