Friday, November 19, 2004

Dry Spell

Well, it's been a lean few days for my basketball viewing. In the previous two evenings, I've attempted to get home to watch the Pre-Season NIT, but didn't make it in time either night. I did catch a few final minutes of Michigan, but last night's opportunity to see Syracuse passed me by, as I was needed to sub in my bowling league, where I went on to post a 142 in my second game of the evening. So I didn't really see enough of any games to comment on them. Alas, this weekend will also bring little in the way of basketball material, as I'm headed out this evening for a road trip to see the Wisconsin football team finish their regular season at Iowa. This will mean that I have no access to any of the 5 division 1 college games going on just in my state, not to mention anything on television. It will be tough going without, but something tells me that the mass quantaties of beer that will be consumed on this trip will help to ease the pain. And if I get the chance I'll try to do some reading on who the up-and-coming high school stars of this year are. I can't wait to get deeper into the season.


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