Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Putting Things Off

Well, it's late. Normally I like to be at least 3/4 done with the daily write-up by now and take a bit of a morning break from work to finish things off. Given the late hour, lack of time to begin writing now, and the massive amount of work that I need to get done tomorrow, I'm going to have to delay my reflections on one of the best basketball evenings I've had in awhile. Rest assured that the closer-than-expected Cedarburg-Waukesha North high school game will get its due, as will the closer-than-expected UWM-Kansas game. Wow, what a night.

Tomorrow takes me to Madison for the Wisconsin-UNC-Greensboro game. It's not a marquee game, but I never frown on getting in to the Kohl Center. Many thanks to my friend who provided the hook-up.


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