Monday, January 23, 2006

More To Follow

Game recaps from the weekend will be up shortly. I went to two high school games that were quite enjoyable. However, there obviously was a lot of excitement going on in college hoops in Wisconsin this weekend. And I actually did hear most of it on the radio (nope, no television broadcasts). Due to time constraints, though, I’m going to get to college activity tomorrow evening, when I’ll prattle on about Marquette’s huge win in front of a sell-out crowd, continuing their increasingly pleasantly surprising season, and Wisconsin’s painful loss to North Dakota State, capping Bo Ryan’s roughest week since taking over at Wisconsin.

If you need something more immediate, though, head over to Cracked Sidewalks to check out their Marquette game notes. And for a couple of Wisconsin comments, check out the Big Ten Wonk, who I assume will have one of his always-accurate commentaries up soon. I also suspect will be referencing Edvard Munch in whatever he has to say about Wisconsin today (might I suggest using this reference in regards to shooting percentage...)

Back with more when I have a chance to review this weekend's notes.


At 11:31 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

I was actually at this game attempting the bball/hockey doubleheader. Both teams lost. I'm not allowed to go to the Kohl Center anymore.

I digress. There aren't words to describe the horrific feeling of sitting through that game.


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