Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I've Got Nothing

I took the evening off from basketball last night, in an attempt to ease myself back into my normal, out-of-season life. Instead of watching an NIT game, or even reflecting on some basketball thoughts from the past weekend, I took in my first entire episode of Deal or No Deal, which I had recorded out of curiousity. I can't be the only person in America rooting against the contestants, can I? Seeing contestants' potential prize totals go down gave me a feeling of euphoria similar to that which I would feel when Marquette would beat Bob Huggins-era Cincinatti teams. I guess this probably makes me a bad person, but watching fools lose really makes me happy.

Back tomorrow with a few more relevant basketball thoughts. After all, we're only a few weeks from getting to that point in time where the only basketball that I'll be able to watch will come in the form of DVDs of The White Shadow. And while I do love the wisdom of coach Kenny Reeves, real basketball is still just slightly superior.


At 3:09 PM, Blogger Jack Fu said...

The stunning amount of poor decisions those contestants make is alternatingly frustrating and fascinating. It's like they find the least risk-averse people in the universe, use every ploy they can think of to get the people to think they have a great shot at winning ("That $200,000, though it's the only large amount left on the board, COULD BE IN YOUR CASE!!!"), and surround them with idiot friends and family whose sole job is apparently to shout "no deal" and/or make up stupid dances.

Yes, I love the show.

And yes, I root against the idiot contestants.


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