Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Preparations Are Under Way

Last night I was deep into the process of planning outThursday's game-watching, re-wiring my entertainment center to accommodate four televisions, and setting up game plans for watching the high school tournament on Friday. So with all the little tasks, I ran out of time to come up with something to discuss for today. True to my word, however, I am proud to relay that I did not watch the play-in game between Monmouth and Hampton last evening (nor did I watch the opening round of the NIT, even though Stanford intrigues me), opting instead to run some errands, and enjoy my recording of the MTV series There and Back, the reality show following the life of one of those guys that used to be in O-Town, the fourth rate boy band. If you need a quick break from basketball in order to recharge your batteries, and you enjoy laughing at people that aren’t all that bright, I highly recommend this program.

Back tomorrow with some final thoughts on interesting things that I see in the NCAA bracket.


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