Thursday, October 19, 2006

Majerus Chimes In...

Per my normal routine, I pulled out the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel over my lunch break today. With regard to the proposed UWM-Marquette series, Rick Majerus, as usual, is dead on:

Majerus Sorts Out UWM-MU Dispute

The harsh reality, as Majerus points out, is that Marquette is in a position of power and has very little incentive to play UWM. If this series is ever to take place, it's going to require UWM bending a bit and taking a deal that isn't particularly palatable to them. As Majerus accurately notes:

"If UWM ever beats Marquette, trust me, they will storm the court. It will be unbelievable. If Marquette wins, it will be a nice handshake and Marquette is off to the Big East and UWM is on its way to play in the league where UW-Green Bay is a big game."

Not a fun comment to read if you're a UWM fan, but it does sum up the core of the issue.


At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if you can consider Majerus a non-partial by-stander. His career did start at Marquette and he coached many years there. Just a thought - Curl

Guess it really does not matter since UWM signed the contract.


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