Friday, December 26, 2008

On The Road...

Prepping for the holidays has made life pretty crazy for me over the past few weeks, hence no recent updates. Floating around my computer somewhere are some thoughts on last Saturday, one of the most basketball-centric days that I've ever had. So I hope to post some belated thoughts soon. I swear I've been watching and writing--I just haven't been posting.

Currently, though, I'm lamenting the fact that visiting the New York branch of my family for Christmas means that I'm not at this year's Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook Shootout. In its brief history, the Shootout has rapidly become one of my favorite events. So I'm deeply saddened that I won't be meeting up with my group of friends that gathers annually to watch basketball until we're nearly blind. The boys will have a good time at the McGuire Center tomorrow, and a couple of friends have promised to send me key scores via text message.

There is some good news in all of this, however. As luck would have it, the city that I'm in happens to have a pretty big holiday tournament of its own. So while I'll be missing the WBY Shootout, I'd say there's a pretty good chance that I'll find my way over to the Stop DWI Holiday Classic here in lovely Binghamton, NY. I won't know the team histories, and I'll be watching lots of players that I'll never see again, but assuming that I can talk my sports-nut grandfather into heading over to the tourney with me, I'm sure I'll find something there that amuses me. After all, sometimes you need to step out of your usual routine in order to learn something new. And here's hoping that I learn something new at the Broome County Memorial Arena...


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