Friday, November 17, 2006

Nothing To Report

No new game notes today. I was going to watch Maryland-St. John's when I got home from work, but I tuned in 5 minutes late, and the game was already all but decided. I then got caught up in doing some chores around my house, and finished up just in time to catch the final half of the Michigan State-Texas game. Solid game (or rather, half thereof), but two things keep me from commenting extensively on it:

1) I knew next to nothing about Michigan State and Texas, due to their revamped lineups, and was struggling to get a read on either team.

2) My irrational dislike of Drew Neitzel prevents me from recognizing his heroic late-game layup to win the game. (I want the Big Ten to do well, but not if Neitzel's involved. Why couldn't Texas get help in the lane just a little bit quicker?)

Back on Monday with something of more subtance.


At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

West - I saw a good chunck of the 2nd half and was surprised that I only recognized about 2 Michigan State players. They have a lot of freshmen who look to have potential. If they stick together this team will be good in a couple of years (once Neitzel is gone). I was really impressed with Morgan.


At 9:55 PM, Anonymous spv.austin said...

Chris: Texas will be a curious team to watch this year, with what appear to be fairly freewheeling players playing for one of the ultimate button-down coaches. Barnes has allowed Kevin Durant an amazing amount of freedom during the first 4 games, and Durant has balanced incredible athleticism with frequently horrible shot selection. Right now, I'd say he's more Tracy McGrady than Kevin Garnett. DJ Augustin is already better than any Texas PG since TJ Ford; if he can become Barnes' coach on the floor, Texas will ultimately be alot better than they've showed the last two nights.

Did I really hear that Brian Butch is on the cover of SI?


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