Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Quick Wednesday Thoughts

A few quick thoughts from a night where I skipped over most things basketball-related:

–Nice recovery by Marquette last night (even if it makes my outrage over Monday’s game seem foolish). Before the game, I actually thought to myself "A 40-point win is about the only thing that could heal this team right now." I guess I’ll take a 42-point win, though. I now remain, like play-by-play man Steve "The Homer" True, cautiously optimistic.

–When did ESPNU start showing multiple interesting games? It wasn’t until I got home last night that I found out that both North Carolina (my pick to win it all this year) and Tennessee (with the always-entertaining Bruce Pearl) had games on ESPNU last night. I never liked the concept of ESPNU being forced down the throats of cable providers, but frankly, it looks like it may actually be turning into a viable channel this year. And well, now that I have ESPNU in my home (though in my defense, I wasn't actively seeking it out), I can’t really take a principled stance against it anymore.

–Well, Adam Morrison may be gone, but Gonzaga was on ESPN2 last night, continuing its role as what I like to call "Late Night, West Coast Duke." If history is any guide, I anticipate seeing roughly 57 Gonzaga games on ESPN at 11pm this year.

–Greg Paulus seems to be back early for Duke, so please disregard any earlier assertions by me that Marquette would wallop the Blue Devils and make Jon Scheyer cry.

Back tomorrow with thoughts on Wisconsin-UWGB.


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