Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thank You, Tom

If you’ve not read them yet, check out Tom Izzo’s comments on the Big Ten Network. I think people are making his thoughts out to be more severe than they really are. But it’s still nice to hear an acknowledgment from someone of importance that the Big Ten Network may bear some fault for its inability to find its way into most homes in the Big Ten’s most important markets. I already liked Izzo a lot before (which makes me something of an oddball amongst Wisconsin fans), and this does nothing to hurt my opinion of him. Maybe that's not the best thing to admit the day before the big Wisconsin-Michigan State game.

Izzo's comments also serve as a good reminder that there are only 16 more days until the Big Ten Network shows its last basketball game of the season and ceases to be relevant for the next 5 months. I’m thinking of holding a ceremony that day where I have friends over to watch me remove it from my on-screen channel guide.

Back tomorrow with more significant thoughts, as my eyes seem to be back on track now....


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