Friday, March 07, 2008

Tosa East vs. Brookfield Central: The Rubber Match

Sleep became more important than typing up an update yesterday night after a long day. So just a quick lunchtime update today. Since tonight’s the third installment of Tosa East vs. Brookfield Central, though, and I’ve seen the previous two, here’s a link to my thoughts on the first meeting of the year, in which Central came out on top. I was apparently feeling particularly giddy that night, though, so there are only four points about the actual game. But take from it what you will.

And since everyone out there knows that watching Cory Degner and Tony walls run after one another will be fun, or that Jake Barnett is looking to get his shot back on track after a rough opening game last night, here’s two under-the-radar things to keep a watch on tonight:

1) Mitch Aprahamian: Central’s burly forward might not be the guy that most teams key on, but he hurt Tosa East with oodles of rebounds and putback points in their prior two meetings. Will his big-game success continue tonight, or has Tosa East devised a plan to keep him off the boards?

2) Emotion: Simply stated, I’ve seen two separate players completely lose their cool in the heat of battle during their first two meetings. Neither ended up being detrimental to their team, the first because it came largely after the game ended, and the second simply because the refs didn’t see what happened and assess a well-deserved technical foul. But losing your head in the state semi-finals is bound to have more dire consequences. I'm hoping that everyone keeps themselves in check tonight.

Here's looking forward to another classic. Oh, and in the early game I’m taking Oshkosh West over Madison Memorial in an upset special. I’ve not seen Memorial yet, since I didn’t have time to back the DVR up last night, so my ignorance is probably the only reason that I’m able to pick against Jeronne Maymon. See you in Madison!


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